Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was Carly's and Stevie's last day of soccer games. And emphasis on games as Carly played three games almost in a row and Stevie was super busy reffing and playing games as well. Soccer Fest is a BIG DEAL! It was so much fun watching Carly and her team play hard all the way to the end. And man is my sister aggresive! She may be the littlest one on the field, but she does work and gets in there! Their team were short players so they had to play the whole time while the other teams they played all had subs :(. They won their first game but lost the last two taking 4th place overall.

Stevie did so well reffing as well. There are so many rules and intense coaches to deal with yet he stood his ground. Ya! Thats my brother :). In one of the games, one of the coaches came on the field yelling at Stevie about a call he made, and he just responded with, "I am sorry but you have to get off the field, you aren't allowed to interfere like this." And these players were 10 year olds! Crazy intense. And STevies team won the championships taking home a medal :).

Here are some pics from the day:

And Renee is and AWESOME goal keeper with attitude and spunk of course :).