Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ugandan Siblings I miss you

I would come home from school and my siblings would always ask me for either my camera, ipod, or laptop. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reliving Africa One Day at a Time

Since I have been back from Africa I get random different memories at different times of the day through conversations with people and places I go...which makes me miss being there all over again. But when it comes to applying what I have learned and not forgetting other memories I sometimes get overwhelmed trying to recall EVERYTHING. So I thought I would try to write a blog about one of my million of African pics a day. Feel free to read up on random recall of Africa experiences and events, but be aware that these blogs will probably be VERY random and probably boring most of the time so, I guess read whatever you want as I remember Africa one day at a time :p.

Picture #1

This picture is from the village that we spent one week of our 4 month stay in Uganda at. Kapchorwa (the village) was AMAZING and my favorite part of my whole stay in Africa. Things that come in mind when I think of this village: No electricity. Great hospitality. AFRICA not as Westernized. Fresh fruit. Genuine people. Lots of kids. LONG church services. Playing with all of the kids. Describing the Ocean and seafood to my Kapchorwa parents while we cooked dinner. Drinking too much milk tea. Grounding fresh coffee beans. Learning their language and greeting people with CHICKASTE YESU!! (Praise the Lord!) Walking everywhere. "A visitor is never an interruption" lived out. Morning Runs to waterfalls as little school children ran along side of me until they had to turn off to school, killing a chicken, making futbols (soccer balls) from matoke trees(green banana like plants), not getting away from drinking only one cup of milk tea :P, Feeling so at home and comfortable there, having everything about this village being an exclamation point in my journal....So much. But the picture is of my little Kapchorwa sister and her buddies that would be over at the house all the time. They LOVED the camera and LOVED to dance. As soon as the camera went up they grabbed chairs or what ever was around them and showed off their greatest moves. Below is one of the many videos taken.